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It's Ok...Okay...OK?

What's the correct way to type that... is it O.K.? Okay? OK? What's ok, what does it really mean? According to grammerly, Ok is the same as Okay, as OK. So, we'll move on.

Ok is an adjective, a descriptive word, meaning correct, permissible, acceptable, or meeting standards.

This blog was thought of after writing an ever growing list of items, ideas, actions, or feelings, that I feel are Ok. This list, as I said will continue to grow and evolve, and with your help, we can find other topics to address.

The list came as a concept after conversations with people in my world. The list has grown from experiences, conversations, and will hopefully serve as a reminder to you, that whatever you may be feeling or experiencing is Okay.

This is a short entry today, as in just a moment, we'll start working through the list.

I am grateful that you're here to share this journey with me.

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