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Resolutions? Nah....How about goals!

It's January. I'm sure so many have sat down and created resolutions for the New Year. It's usually a topic of conversation from friends to acquaintances, from small talk to big conversations. "Are you making a New Years Resolution?"

What does it mean to make a resolution? It's a firm decision to do or not do something. Common resolutions include going to the gym, eating better, getting more sleep, not spending so much time on Social Media, and so on. This year I made a resolution to NOT make a resolution. Rather, I decided to make concrete goals for myself.

When you create a goal. It should follow the idea of being a SMART goal.

S - Specific - What are you truly going to do?

M - Measurable - How are you going to gauge your success, or lack there of?

A - Attainable - Is it something that you can achieve without going crazy?

R- Realistic - Will you be able to reach this goal or is it something that is a bit out there?

T- Timely - What is your time frame to reach this goal?

Let me tell you about my goals. I am specifically focusing one month at a time. For the month of January, I am increasing my physical activity by running/walking/jogging 1 mile every other day and performing a plank of varying lengths every day. I am measuring my goals progress by utilizing an incredible journal (more on that in a moment). I know this goal is attainable because I have an accountability partner checking in on me. It's also an attainable goal because I know I can do these activities. It's realistic because they are easy tasks for me to achieve. And, I will be doing them in a timely manner, the entire month.

A friend of mine told me about a journal she was thinking of buying. It's a Commit30 fitness journal. Commit30 creates a variety of journals from day-to-day, to financing, to fitness, and more. The fitness journal is exactly what I need.

This is my first full week of January. As you can see, I am tracking my daily activity, my food, and making notes about my journey. I am also participating in a devotional twice a week. Each devotional gives me a scripture passage and a task to complete. This journal came with a sheet of stickers, I also purchased an additional sticker pack because, well...who doesn't like stickers?

What are you goals? How are you tracking them?

If you need an accountability partner, I am always a message away!

Happy January! Now, go CRUSH those goals!

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