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So, you don't look like that Social Media Influencer. It's OK.

We've all seen them. The perfectly coifed hair, the perfect messy bun, the ripped abs, the tush so perfectly shaped, the clear, unblemished skin... Sometimes you might catch yourself saying, "I wish I could look like that." or "I wish I could get my hair to do that." or "How did they make their skin look so good!"

This note of "It's OK" stems from many conversations that I've had with numerous individuals, some younger, some older. It usually starts with them showing me a picture, or pictures, of someone they follow on Social Media with a conversation that usually starts with, "How do I get my body to look like that?" And usually it's the athletic, slim, tanned, beautiful person standing on a beach somewhere tropical.

This isn't a knock on the Social Media Influencer, or the hard work they put in to look like that. We have to realize that everyone is unique and different. And, we don't know the back story of that individual we see as we scroll through the newsfeed. We don't know how many hours they put into the gym, we don't know what their daily routine is, we don't know how much money they're receiving to promote one product over the other, we don't know them. Chances are, they have traveled a hard road to get to where they are, and unless you're willing to give up your weekend drinks with the girls, or guys, you're not ready to make that kind of commitment.

I'm guilty of it as well. I'm guilty of finding someone in my newsfeed, scrolling their profile, and wondering what would I have to do to get to look like that. And, then I realize that I have a full time job out of the house, a full time job in the house, a part time job at the radio station, my Arbonne side gig, and not enough hours in the day to dedicate my life to having 6 pack abs and a butt you could bounce a quarter off of. Does that mean that my health and my fitness doesn't matter. No, of course not. I just know myself and know that when I think a pizza sounds good, chances are, I'm going to eat the pizza.

Our bodies are all so unique. We burn fat differently, we respond differently to different diets, our muscles tone a bit differently, and we all have different goals. The ginormously ripped guy looking like a Greek God probably eats a lot more calories than you think, with a lot more protein than you think, and pays a strength coach and nutritionist a lot more money than you think. If that's a goal of yours, I am certainly not poo-pooing it. My place in this world is to encourage you to go after those goals. Just realize that it's going to take a lot of work for you to get there. And, I will be here to cheer you on.

I love goals. I love helping people reach goals. I LOVE seeing people break their goals and start shooting for more. If a 6-pack is what you're after, then darn it, let's get after it. But, the big key element is being truthful to yourself. Truthful to your journal, truthful to what you're eating/drinking, truthful to your dedication in the gym. And, that's what a goal is all about. Being truthful to you. Now... who's ready for beer and wings for the big Football games today? This girl!

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